HunterCreek Farms, LLC

Every year, we go to the New Mexico Bred Sale in August, on qualifiying weekend for the All American Futurity and Derby, which is on Labor Day Weekend.  The cost  to fit a yearling is $20.00 a day, and 5% of the sale.  The babies are exercised everyday, being put in the Eurosizer every other day.  They are also on an extensive diet plan and grooming program.

Sales Prep

We are also proud to say we had the 3rd high selling Thoroughbred  in the 2023 New Mexico Bred Yearling Sale.  This is MEGA MONEY MAKER, also by RIGHT RIGGER, OUT OF STARDUST LADY.

Our sales prep program usually starts the first to the middle of May.  Each yearling will be in the Erosizer every other day, and then on a regular walker every other day.  They each get an extensive grooming regimin every day.

We are very proud to say that we had the High Selling Thoroughbred Yearling at the 2020 New Mexico Bred Yearling Sale.  It was RIGLET, by RIGHT RIGGER, out of STARDUST LADY.

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